Thursday, August 23, 2012

80s power bech

This work outfit is inspired by my mom's Makati corporate get-ups circa 1985-1989. (Really! All I'm missing are her teased tidal wave bangs and a gnarly, crunchy perm.)

The 80s look is all about a particularly evocative silhouette. That includes:
  • Batwing sleeve sweater (Forever 21). These are a great example of 80s batwings; the one I'm wearing is more refined but no less fun!
  • Pencil skirt (Forever 21).
  • Sharp statement necklace. (Also Forever 21. Hehe. That's why I shop there!) Actually a lot of my mom's 80s costume jewelry were actually wooden beads or resin and kind of colorful and chunky, like this. I wanted something sharper though.
  • Slim belt (SM). To define the waist, discreetly!
  • Hose (SM) and pumps (B Club). Stockings were super important in the '80s for some reason; my mom wore them everyday - even nude hose. I do hope those don't make a comeback (very SM saleslady peg) but dark, opaque stockings, like this gray pair, is a great way to pull a look together.
Took a cue from the decade too with bright pink lips, paired with sweet blush and mascara. Decided not to go for my mom's fave blue eyeshadow though!

So what do you think? If you can dress in one decade's style, which decade would that be?

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