Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ask them what they're gonna do

PAG-ASA (the Philippine weather bureau) says there's going to be "partly cloudy to cloudy skies w/ rainshowers or thunderstorms & strong winds due to Southwest Monsoon" today.


and my friends

(pics from this morning's Twitter game of show-me-your-rainy-day-footwear-and-I'll-show-you-mine.)


Yep. We got the boots, the boots, the boots that we've been thinking about getting forever. No more soaked footwear! No more wet toesies! No more!!

And this is the outfit that went with my boots.

Yeah, I'm still not over Singles. It's basically pair a frilly dress with butch boots for me.
Cardigan, Bugis Market; Dress, H&M; tights, SM Department store; boots, Muji.

And here are the boots that took me a year to decide to get. I just finally went for it, even if I'm not totally in love with the sole (I would prefer a more defined, yet low heel a la equestrian boots), because I don't think I'll ever find a pair that fits my exacting criteria in time for the next mega typhoon. These are suitably plain enough, and more importantly, do not go past my calves.
As a bonus - because she's so chic today - check out Ava's wet weather look.
Loving the slim blazer, Mickey Mouse tee and floral platform Maryjanes!

If only we could be so cool in a downpour.

What about you, dear reader? What's your wet weather fashion statement?


Anonymous said...

Hello! I have a question, you mentioned that your boots are from Muji but didn't really say if they were water resistant.

I know that this article is about getting rain resistant boots, but I just wanted to be sure :P

Katrina said...

Hi! Yup, they're water-resistant. :)

mitch said...

Lovin' your boots and you are rockin' it with that lovely dress. Perfect match! My rain gear would consist of leather boots too.


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