Thursday, August 30, 2012

Formula: Lace and a statement necklace

I was thinking about the contrast between a lace top, a leather jacket and a rocking statement necklace when I thought of this outfit. The catch? I can haz no lethurr jackitt. (And, well, as porma as they are, it's not exactly weather friendly here in the Philippines!)

So this Giordano high-necked jacket (which I've had forever and LOVE) will do! It also kept things semi-decent as I didn't feel like wearing a sando under my lace shirt.

The lace+statement necklace formula is such a winner that my teammate Ava and I had another moment of fashion synchronicity: #greatmindsthinkalike
Ava's top, thrifted; gold collar necklace, Karl Edwards bazaar
Here's the rest of my outfit:
Necklace, Forever 21; top, thrifted; pants, Bayo; booties, B Club.
Oooh, and if you have time to weigh in my Fashion Obsession of the Day: Printed Pants: Pretty or Pajama-esque? I'd be super happy! Check out my pegs here and let me know what you think. Would you go for printed pants yourself?

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