Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gypsy (Blue)

I'm still kinda hungover (HUWAT?! yes, a very rare sans-kids night out for me, with my sibs too, but we all turned it in at around 10pm haha) and still a bit pissy over something over the long weekend, and I think that mood came out with my outfit today: slouchy, floppy and definitely blue.

I'm really super into tribal prints right now, so this shirt from Gap is perfect. It's that exact sort of soft and cut to flop over the shoulders, so I wear it with everything from shorts to pants to this thrifted assymetrical shirt. (Speaking of tribal prints, I went Zalora shopping again and got this Collective.com dress! Wore it to my night out. Another winner buy.)

A French twist, braided People Are People belt, Peacocks brogues and a couple standby bangles complete the gypsy look.

I'm sort of breaking all sorts of rules for dressing "thin" or "proportional" here -- e.g. pair an A-line skirt with something fitted and define the waist, whereas this is all loose and low-waisted and possibly stumpifying. But enh. Life's too short to abide by the rules all the time. For me, as long as you dress creatively, go for it!

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