Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Julanis Morissette

What happens when the weather collides with one's unrequited desire to become a grunge rock star?


Lola mong emotera ng bonggang bongga.

Background: remember how hard the rain was on August 7? So hard that Malacañang declared no work for private companies? Remember they declared it at 9:40am?

Well, guess who was in a bus. On the Skyway. On the way to Makati. At 9:40am.

Yes. It was I. And this was what I wore.

As my Twitter pal said, "Damn woman! Why you no check Twitter before leaving the house?"

Lesson learned!

Anyway, at least my outfit was Habagat worthy.

 I'm actually wearing leggings here, not tights, so I'm not as pantsless it appears.

(Also, I'm not trying to make light of what was a truly terrifying day for so many people by focusing on my outfit. I was scared to death of the endless torrential rain too. And for those curious, I stayed in the office long enough to finish a pending project, then headed home. SInce I was there anyway and everything. But yeah, next time, I'll be checking the Twitter before braving the elements.)

Credits: Necklace and leather bracelets, Bosquejo; other bracelets, tiangge finds; long tunic, Old Navy; black stretch mini dress, SM Surplus Shop; leggings, Body Music (my fave brand for sturdy leggings! Around P200 a pair. These are for dancers so they don't chafe and last for a long time); boots, Muji.

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