Thursday, August 2, 2012


Here's an outfit that mixes genres. 

I've taken something boho - this peasant skirt from SM's Weekender label - with something preppy- this pinstriped blazer from Rustan's.

Then I went for it accessories-wise with a big belt (Forever 21) and crazy shoes (Zara TRF).

I couldn't resist these orange pumps. Love the low, triangular heel and the gently rounded toe. Doesn't hurt that they were on sale too at just P595!
And hoped it all came together.

What I learned from this exercise:
  • Balance is key. Flouncy skirt? Offset it with a trim blouse, a sleek blazer and clean, cute shoes. 
  • Consult a color wheel. The cobalt blue top, the orange and the brown all go together. It's a very beachy palate!
  • Act like you mean it!

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