Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mom style inspiration: Music & Lyrics

Sophie Fisher, Drew Barrymore's character in Music & Lyrics, isn't a mother but I think her style is perfect for fashion-conscious yet busy moms. Too often when you look at "mom style icons" they're Bree Van De Kamp neat / upscale or Real Housewives of whatever vampy. Drew's look in this movie - comfortable and easy yet oozing with character and quirk - is my idea of what a stylish mom on a budget and things to do (kids to pick up, clients to meet, maybe a quick grocery run after the meeting and then yoga after) would wear. Kind of like Cortney Novogratz, the mom of seven (SEVEN) property developer of the Bravo reality show 9 by Design, who was one of my inspirations for starting Plus Size Fasyon Mudra.
Cortney with her hubby Bob. Check out some of the Novogratzes' properties here and a slightly longer piece on their aesthetic. SO COOL.
I have a MangoJuiced article up today on Sophie Fisher's wardrobe essentials - check it out to know how to take your basics up a notch with some well-chosen and cute accessories! And stay tuned for a shopping post on Friday for more suggestions where you can get other Sophie Fisher-inspired buys.

Read: Style Inspiration: Sophie Fisher

Till then - kisses!

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