Friday, August 24, 2012


I'm getting kind of sick of the gray-white background of most of the photos here (taken in the office), so I'm throwing this one in for some color!

At our local Red Mango, haha! I love that my pumps match the store's color scheme. Yummy yogurt too!

Credits: vintage St. Michael man's shirt; Folded & Hung vest; Bayo trousers; Zara TRF pumps.

What makes this interesting are the accessories: a little cheeky, a little disco and a great counterpoint to the workman-like vibe of the get-up. So when you're wearing something that seems a bit too...functional, pile on the fun costume jewelry (these are from the Festival Mall bazaar, my abuela, Bangkok's Pratunam Market and my husband's crafty officemate) and jazz it up with some funky shoes, like these!
Sapphire pumps from PILL, Php1,350 from Get 5% off with this voucher code: KatAtienza0
By the way, are you guys on Pinterest? Follow me to see what's been inspiring me and what I'm looking to buy (haha!) My Thrifty Mom Pinterest board features great buys and reasonably priced fashion deals I encounter when browsing online - my favorite hobby! See you there!

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