Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Animal Instinct

Here's a quick and easy outfit post to go with yesterday's Make Up Post (my tan's more apparent here!)
I know the black-and-brown, leopard-print matchiness can be a bit cheesy, but eh. It's fun. Here's the part where you play the parararam-badump-badump stripper music:

Hehehe, check out my lining, yo!

Credits: Blazer, Filene's Basement; knit vest, Landmark; trousers, Terranova; flats, Parisian. Worn with a silver necklace from Mine's View and bracelets from Bosquejo, The Bead Shop and my sister-in-law.


Tania said...

I love that jacket! I've always wanted to try wearing animal print, but I'm still looking for something that fits my style. Maybe I should tag along next time you go shopping. Haha

Katrina said...

Haha, thanks Tania! I got this...from Chicago in 2010, lol! Yeah it's kinda hard to find a not-Fran Drescher-esque animal print, so when you do, grab it!!

mitch said...

ang gandaaaa ng jacket! wow where can I find the shop? nacurious ako bigla and the trousers i should visit landmark na talaga. btw up to what sizes meron sila?

Katrina said...

Hi Mitch! The jacket I got from Filene's Basement in Chicago, parang surplus shop nila doon. Pants from Terranova, depende sa style but yung XL pants nila kasya sakin (I'm about 34-36) :D


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