Friday, September 21, 2012

Birthday treats

YO shawty, it's my birthday today! I'm all of 31 years young (dear God). I'll spare you all my thoughts on aging and how this year was for me (let's just say it was challenging) and whatnot.

Instead, I want to focus on Treats! Because birthdays are for spoiling. Feel free to spoil yourselves on this day on my behalf! So in the spirit of Diana Vreeland, I ask:

Why don't you...

 Get an absolutely smashing manicure?

Get a proper haircut, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as your peg?

Swan about smelling like vanilla and coconuts, reminding everyone you meet of the beach?

Get an ill-advised-yet-ultimately-cool-mid-life-crisis tattoo from the extraordinary Sarah Gaugler?

Image from here

Listen to something new?

What are YOU treating yourself to, today?


cris said...

Belated happy birthday!

Katrina said...

Thank youuuu!!


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