Thursday, September 27, 2012

Desert island clothes

No, I don't mean a literal desert island. (In which case, well, it'd be clothing optional!)
We all play that game, "If you were trapped on a desert island..." where we ask each other, "If you were trapped in a desert island and you could only bring five books / listen to three songs / eat three things / etc., which would that be?"

Let's play another version of that game: if you were trapped on a fabulously chic desert island where you still had to go to work and mingle with people but this desert island had no malls or fabric stores or seamstresses, what 10 items of clothing would you bring? (Excluding underwear and accessories, because this desert island is inconsistent).

Wanna see how I answer that question? Check it out on today's MangoJuiced column, "Can't live without them: wardrobe essentials." Please read and tell me your own essentials too! Check back here tomorrow for a shopping post on these items as well.

Oh and to answer the questions in the second paragraph: books - Pride & Prejudice, Middlesex, Neverwhere, Talking it Over, DV; songs - A Letter to Elise, Whole Lotta Love, Closer; food - saba sushi, cheese and dark chocolate-covered raisins. 

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