Monday, September 24, 2012

Dropped hem/Oxblood BDIB

Before I got my mullet dress (Ack, I keep forgetting to post pics! Here's a shot that's not very helpful as you only see the top, boo) I'd been dying to try the dropped hem trend. Fortunately my sister came from Bangkok with an airy, bias-cut dress with a scarf collar among her pasalubong. Because of the color (edit: Oxblood!), I also call it the Pista ng Nazareno* dress.
(*Reference for non-Filipinos: at the annual the Feast of the Black Nazarene devotees wear maroon tunics during the procession.)
Ang FEEEYORCE ng debotong itels!
Note: My hair's no longer this bountiful. I got a birthday haircut. I wanted Mary Elizabeth Winstead; I ended up with no bangs and a general shoulder-length proper/simple girl layered 'do. It's not bad. But. Without my ombre hippie locks, who am I? What am I? IDENTITY CRISIS in the house, 'yo! #JustKidding (And anyway I can always cut my own bangs / wait for my hair's amazing powers of regeneration to take over).

Anyway, where was I? Yes. This bias-cut maroon dress. I belted it to give it shape but I've also worn it unbelted and with leggings for a total Sunday Hare Krishna vibe. For work it's also good with a cardi.
Pista ng Nazareno dress worn with a Landmark cardigan, SM department store skinny belt and Parisian leopard flats, bangles from Bangkok and Girl Shoppe.


Aiz (PlusAizDiva) said...

The color suits you well :)

Katrina said...

thank you!! :D

mitch said...

Love the color Iggy and looks good on you too!

Katrina said...

Thanks Mitch!!

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Lovely dress, the colour looks stunnig with your hair colour <3
Found your post from the Bloggers Do It Better post, I too posted an Oxblood look <3

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Katrina said...

Thanks Bree! Loved your post as well. Those trousers are to-die!


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