Thursday, September 20, 2012

In the genes

This outfit was shot during Father's Day. High summer, sun blazing; just a lazy weekday Friday lunch with my sister and my dad at the Cake Club at Bonifacio High Street. (Spoiler alert: SO GOOD.)

Here's my handsome dad and my lovely sister and the super yummy food we ate, hahaha!

And now the year is almost over. Wow. The senti moments just ram into you, don't they?!

I wore: stretchy blue top, Get Laud; vest, Folded & Hung; sheer skirt, modista-made and customized; necklace, Aksesorya; sandals, Bangkok (my sister's pasalubong.)

I'm in a reflective mood, you guys, because of a, er, milestone coming up, hehe. Are you feeling all senti too? How's the last few months of 2012 treating you?


Tania said...

Fabulous outfit as usual. And speaking of jeans, my Mom is lovely, but I look like my Dad. Hahaha

Tania said...

I can't believe I wrote "jeans". *headdesk*

Katrina said...

Haha, no I thought it was a pun! Punny!! :D


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