Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Welcome to my new side project, the Mommstyle Tumblr! Take it away, intro post:
"...I wanted to do something like a crowdsourced version of that, where people can send in pictures of stylish — not STYLED — moms. A sort of collective inspiration thing. Hence, TO TUMBLR! (and the nifty Submit option).

Because being a mom is hard work, and for most of us stye is the last thing on our minds. Yet style is psychologically beneficial. It’s a construct that communicates who we are and what we want to say about ourselves to the world. And I find that taking a bit of time to think of what I’m going to put on my back centering, like putting on armor before facing another insane day.

And it’s also a reaction to the red carpet / real housewives super glossy version of motherhood that requires incredible genetics and a host of hired help to accomplish. Dude, I’m not neat and perfectly styled all day - and I wouldn’t want to be. The moms who can exude that singular sense of personality even when sleepless and tired and busy — those are the ones to emulate. We all need to see more of that!
It's sort of a companion to the #Momstyle Pinterest board, but I want people to be able to contribute - so, Tumblr's Submit feature is the bomb. (Although figuring out Tumblr's platform is a bit frustrating, NGL.)

Please add Mommstyle to your blogroll, and PLEASE send me some cool moms! Mwahhhh!!


mitch said...

Brilliant!! Can't wait to be a part of it, congratulations!

Faith said...

Such a sweet idea, and so empowering for real moms!

Katrina said...

aww thanks Mitch and Faith! Send me pics!! :D mwah :*


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