Friday, September 14, 2012


Erm. The title says it all.

Whenever I think of what a busy, stylish mom would wear on casual days, I inevitably think of a kurta. Lightweight, comfortable, loose-enough to move around in, slightly embellished; it's perfect for a mom who needs to do things and go places. Pair it with a simple ponytail and some accessories and off you go.

I don't have a kurta though, so this old billowing hippie buccaneer shirt does the trick. It's from Cinderella, and I've had it since I was 13.

It's a pretty straightforward look, so an arm and neck party adds a bit of interest.

Pants: Buffalo Jeans; Clogs: Parisian; Necklaces: leaves from Bangkok and cameo from a friend; Bracelets: Girl Shoppe bangles and a bead bracelet from Davao; hoop earrings from SM.


mitch said...

This is a nice outfit.
Simple, chic and comfortable to wear. Nice blings - u got cool arm party too!

Katrina said...

Thanks mitch! Sarap mag arm party, haha!


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