Friday, September 28, 2012

RIP, Massive Ombre Hairrrrr

Gimme a moment, folks. It's been a week since my Birthday Hair Cut, and I'm still feeling kind of lost without this massive ombre lioness mane.

Without my hair, who am I?

Do I still signify that blend of disheveled-keber-but-slightly-sexy-no-nonsense-mommyness, which is the look I aim for? Is the end of my neck pain worth it?

Okay, moment over. Hair grows back, it's not so short, and I can always re-ombre it.

(That's what I tell myself when I see these pics. Sigh.)

Credits: Kimono-sleeved sweater, The Gap; tank top, Nothing But Water; jeans, Dorothy Perkins; clogs, Parisian; belt, SM Department Store. Bangles, tiangge, Bangkok and Girl Shoppe. Necklaces, Mines View, Bangkok and random tiangge find.

If you'll excuse me, I'll be back-combing my simple girl shoulder-length no-color 'do.

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