Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sausage casing

There's a lovely clean, streamlined-edness (sorry for the word invention) when wearing tight n' tailored clothes paired with some sexy sharp stilettos; but if you're anything like me - plus size, not a "hard body" by any stretch - you may become self-conscious of lumps, bumps and lovely lady humps. (I don't think it's a crime or any less self-loving to feel conscious about this, but I wholeheartedly applaud the gals who have the courage to rock it!)

The solution? Deploy this hardworking, print-on-print thrifted gray vest for coverage, and to add interest.

So that it doesn't overwhelm the dress, a belt helps cinch the waist and define the body. This look also illustrates how to wear voluminous clothes (e.g. this vest) without it overwhelming your frame (e.g., mix with more body-conscious pieces).

 Credits: stretchy blouse, random tiangge buy from 2005; vest, Magarbo; skinny belt, SM Dept. Store; skirt, Forever 21; killer pumps, Payless. Jewelry's simple - just my usual rings and a mother's day heart locket.

These shoes are so pretty but they ARE a killer to wear! To the right you'll see the secrets of my success: some comfy tsinelas (slippers) for commuting!

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