Monday, September 3, 2012

Shopping post: Music & Lyrics wardrobe essentials

Here's the long-awaited (well, at least by me!) shopping post for my Music & Lyrics post!

OK, so if you click on the MangoJuiced article, you'll see that getting Sophie Fisher's (Drew Barrymore) look is fairly easy. Here's the formula:

  1. Take key basics: pinstriped button-downs, striped and solid-colored shirts, tailored shorts, men's vests and well-fitted blue jeans.
  2. Add boho pieces, like ethnic-print dresses, colorful scarves and costume jewelry. 
  3. Mix with signature picks like military jackets, low-heeled shoes and textured leggings.
The beauty of this formula is that most of us have the basics and the boho pieces down (or can find them at very affordable rates), it's just how you mix them that works style wonders! It's an easy, breezy look full of character and quirk, which makes it perfect for busy moms.

And now, some shopping picks!

Key Basics

Button downs: From left: Zara 4-tab (Php2,500++), Kamiseta cotton (P1,299) and Kamiseta plaid (P1199). Splurge on a good quality shirt because these will get a lot of use - from business function with pants to a quick outing with shorts!
Bottoms: From left: Levi's Modern Demi Rise Bootcut Skinny Jeans ($78), Jellybean Twill Shorts (P699) via Zalora Philippines, Terranova jeans (about P1200 when not on sale) and Kamiseta red shorts for a pop of color (P999)! Perfect fit is key to this item. Exert all effort to get a comfortable and flattering pair!
Crimson Soft Print striped top, P319.80
(On sale!
via Zalora Philippines)
Pois striped top with dropped hem,
(via Zalora Philippines)
101 New York men's vest, P899.75 (via Zalora Philippines)
 More picks under the cut!

Boho pieces

Printed boho dresses: From left: Kamiseta "Falena" Dress (P999), Bayo "Sameera" dress (P1195) and ASOS Curve Shadow Print dress (GBP45)

Funky jewelry: Nk Necklace via Zalora Philippines (P750), House of Harlow Sunburst pendant (P3340) and Binkydoodles Wrapped Chain Bracelet (P150) and Tie The Knot necklace (P350)

Signature picks

These are the items you wear to give your outfits a certain personality -- something to toughen up a cutesy look or balance a sophisticated outfit with a hint of your playful personality. Within the Music & Lyrics framework, this meant Sophie's favorite military jacket (displaying a certain combativeness!) Think of what you can inject in your ensembles that expresses something very "you." Ideas:
From top left: Zara camouflage jacket (P3999), Terranova biker jacket, Forever 21 textured tights ($6.80), Folded & Hung studded brogues (now out of stock at Zalora!), Bayo satchel (P599) and Plains and Prints scarf (P350) via Zalora Philippines.

Et voila!

So there you go, and here I am at the end of this LENGTHYYYYY post! Think of these pieces as building blocks to mix and match with what you have. Remember, the point is to look comfy, yet stylish! Be inspired, and happy shopping! (And if you're getting anything from Zalora, remember that you can get 5% off by keying in KatAtienza0 upon checkout).

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