Friday, September 14, 2012

Shopping post: Out and about with the kids

Are you a stay-at-home-and-make-fun-things kind of mom, or are you more of a let's-go-out-and-freestyle mama? I'm more of the latter, I confess. I dunno, I like getting out of the house, even's just to go to someone else's house. Hehe. #weg

Anyway, when you're out with the kids, you tend to have to bring some stuff with you, you know? Like, snacks and change(s) of clothes and toys and insect repellent and a nice bag to haul all that. Kind of like these:

So, it's cute and round and brightly colored...but what exactly does it do? Well, my friend, this is a nifty container for your kids' snacks, like my baby's favorite Marie biscuits and cereal bits, but the round shape ensures the food doesn't get crushed. And when baby gets bored, it doubles as a toy. Genius!

I like hanging out in parks with my kids, especially UPLB's Freedom Park whenever we visit my in-laws. Nothing like green, wide open spaces and fresh air and other families enjoying kite-flying and badminton or just lazing around!
Just hanging out with my pal at the park, yo
The one thing you have to watch for, though? Insects! Mosquitoes, midges, gamu-gamo - they can put a damper on your kids' enjoyment. I like Mommy Patch's Anti-Mosquito Rescue Stick, since it's not greasy like insect repellent lotions and oils, easy to bring around, DEET-free (no toxins!) and a little goes a long way - just a few dabs and you're set!

Seriously now, this is a really pretty bag. It almost makes me want to ditch my conventional diaper bag and get this instead! Well, actually, I think it also works as a "normal" everyday bag. I think it's a challenge sometimes for moms looking for baby bags that don't look so juvenile - I mean, hello, we're the ones carrying the bag; it shouldn't clash with our outfits! Well look no further - this is the bag for you!

All items available at Zalora Philippines. Get an additional 5% discount when you input the code KatAtienza0 upon check-out. 

Happy shopping!

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