Friday, September 7, 2012

Shopping: Your stylish pregnancy

Yesterday's MangoJuiced column laid out the inspiration for chic pregnant dressing:
  • Dress YOU; being pregnant doesn't mean "twee"!
  • You don't necessarily have to get everything from maternity stores
  • Something I forgot to add to the article when I sent it out, but is SUPER IMPORTANT: get clothes that can still be worn right after you give birth
Believe me, those first few weeks after having the baby are a strange transition period where you're sick of those maternity dresses you've lived in the past three months, yet you don't fit your old clothes yet. I myself always went out in a trust blue Old Navy tunic that I still wear to this day! Now that's a great maternity buy!
 Top left, 4 months pregnant in Chicago (I literally bought that top the day before); bottom left, our first "night out" (baby was around 2 weeks old here); right, the tunic as a grunge staple.

So, given those insights, I scoured the Internet for some great pregnancy finds that are neutral enough to mix and match with your own signature style staples; flexible enough that wearing them post-childbirth won't feel silly; and lastly, COMFORTABLE!

Preggy pick: The sleeveless short dress

Left, Belly Maternity V Neck Long Back Dress, P1099.75 (via Zalora Philippines); Center, Mommy Matters Gathered Neck Dress in gray, P1,125.00 (via Zalora Philippines); Right, Eden Icon Wrap dress, P2,800.

Cool and comfy, especially in the overheated last trimester. You're going to be wearing this dress to work, to the grocery, to a friend's party, and you'll most likely wear it soon after having the baby too, so this is an investment piece! I love the fashion-forward dropped hem and stripes of the Belly Maternity dress (pair it with a structured blazer post-pregnancy and still rock); the gray Mommy Matters dress can styled proper (with pearls and flats) or edgy (with boots and ripped tights and a pleather jacket); and the sexy Eden Icon Wrap dress pulls double-duty as a nursing-friendly garment.

Conscious of your arms? Check out the other preggy picks under the cut

The Cover Up

Left, Gingersnaps Assymetrical Cardigan, P699.75 (via Zalora Philippines); Center, Hatch Collection Ultimate Cardigan, US$338; Right, Plains & Prints Zaida Cardigan, P1,395 (via Zalora Philippines)

A slouchy cardigan isn't just a preggy must-have, it's a LIFE staple. It'll warm you up when it's chilly, add texture and interest to a simple outfit, and...look, just get one, OK? The Gingersnaps one is lightweight enough to throw over any outfit in Manila's weather; Hatch Collection's heather gray one is just gorgeous (check the Hatch Collection site for some seriously fabulous maternity style ideas); and the Plains & Prints oversize cardi goes with shorts, dresses and skinny pants and leggings. A winner!

Tunics and oversize button-downs 

Gingersnaps Boho Tunic Dress, P1799.75 (via Zalora Philippines); Hatch Collection Button Down, US$248; The Manila Clothing Company Dark Denim Long Sleeved Shirt, P1750 (via Zalora Philippines)

Tunics and button-downs give off this can-do, casual-yet-structured vibe that I really find appealing. I lived in my husband and dad's polo shirts during my pregnancy (still do!), so this Manila Clothing Company man's shirt is aces. The Gingersnaps tunic can be dainty or hippie, depending on what you wear it with (some dark leggings, denim cutoffs, ankle booties and tons of beads would really make this sing), and what did I tell you about the fabulous fasyon of Hatch Collection? That's the chicest momma ever!

 The Maxi

Left, Eden Pocket Dress, P2500; Right, Eden Athena Maxi, P2500 

Formal dinners, weddings, impress-the-boss outings -- dress-up gatherings won't stop when you're pregnant. A stretchy maxi dress is a great way to remain comfy while looking great. And, as most maxis are empire-waist anyway, you can certainly get a lot of mileage out of these after pregnancy. These Eden dresses are breastfeeding-friendly too!

The Pants

Nine Months Corey Pants, P699.75 (via Zalora Philippines)
No, you're not going to get a lot of wear out of these when you lose your pregnancy belly, but a solid pair of maternity pants are ESSENTIAL. A black pair like this Nine Months Corey trousers will go with anything, and believe me, you'll be reaching for these at least twice a week (shaving your legs to wear with dresses is a pain as your belly grows), so it's a purchase that is more than worth it.

So there you go, my pregnancy shopping guide! Use these as reference to mix and match, and remember, if you shop at Zalora Philippines and use my voucher code KatAtienza0 upon check-out you get 5% off, so GOOOOO!!


Tasmin Waley said...

Its really good for plus size women to look nice with latest fashion trend. Wholesale plus size clothing shop have massive collection of such type of dresses.

Deepa said...

Very nice tunic! Luckily I have a lot of dresses that I bought when I was over 12 pounds heavier (my Singapore days), so hopefully those will be roomy enough for the bump. Still have to think about winter dressing though...

Katrina said...

Hi Deepa! Check out the Hatch Collection's fall/winter lookbook. I DIE. Mega chica ang mga buntis, nakakaloka. There's this cape and pleather leggings look that's so badass. Hahaha! Mahalia Fuentes lang. Ho well! Knowing your layering and accessorizing prowess, am sure you're going to be fabulously, stylishly pregnant!

Emma Alison said...

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