Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The (Return of the) Make Up Post: Working a tan

It's been FOREVER since my last make up post! I miss doing these!!

Anyhoo, about three weeks ago I came from a family reunion in Negros Occ (see pic on the left). It was all eat eat eat and swim swim swim and so I returned home a few pounds heavier and three shades darker!

I'm generally fair-skinned, so while I love getting a healthy tan, it's a bit tricky when it's make up time. My concealer, powder, foundation - heck, even my BB cream - all look wrong for a few days: the dreaded espasol face!

But I finally figured it out: work WITH the tan, not against it! It requires a bit of rethinking of one's daily make up routine, but in the end it's simple and quick and cute, too!

Ready? Let's begin with the BEFORE...
One of my friends complains that "tan" for me is still fair, to which I say, well, look at the pasty point where I'm starting from!
Anyway. Yyyyeahhhhh, we need to take care of those undereye circles, stat!

 Start with a small -- and I mean miniscule -- bit of concealer. Because the surrounding skin near the eyes is darker, I don't need as much concealer. Again, this is my current favorite shade and brand, Neutrogena Light Petal.

 Gently tap, tap, tap on the area with a concealer brush (I used a brush for sheerer coverage, compared with using my ring finger.

And that's all the skin prep I need! I decided to completely skip over the foundation / BB cream / face powder part and let the glow go. But if you can't live without a bit of coverage, I suggest a light dusting of mineral make up, like Avon's Mineral Make up. My sister in law has this and when applied lightly, it worked for both her fair complexion and my mother-in-law's deeper color.
 So. Erm. A little better than the "before" pic, eh? #ItGetsBetter after the cut!
Now that we're done with "even-ing the canvas," let's work the glow a bit more with some cheek color. My bronzer ran out before this (dang!) so I did my cheeks this way:

I started with a sheer sweep of cheek tint, like a foundation of color. (This is Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Mon Cherry Cheek Tint).

And then I build on that subtle cheek tint with a powder blush for a sunkissed look. My goal is that point maybe 20 minutes before your face becomes sunburned! This is Human Nature 100% Natural Mineral Blush in Rosy Cheeks.

Don't forget to sweep a bit of color on the tip of your nose and the forehead. Think of where the sun hits or where you turn red when you sunbathe - that's where you should add some blush.

Next: define the brows...

Softly, softly fill in the gaps (in my case it's the arch that needs some filling in) with brown eyebrow pencil.

Then move on to the lashes:

Avon Wash Off Waterproof mascara is my current fave. Two coats do the trick.

And finally, let's pay some attention to the pout!

I condition my lips with Lip Ice Sheer Color in Strawberry, which is like a balm, smells super yummy and adds a bit of subtle pink color.
And then I amp up the color with some Face Shop Fruit Jelly lip gloss.

And heeeere's the finished look!

Just a subtle, natural make up look that works with the tan and goes with the glow!

What do you think? Do you change your make up routine after going to the beach?

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