Monday, September 17, 2012

Where I Shop: Terranova


There are few things I like better than seeing the words "Sale" right next to Terranova, the Italian fast-fashion chain. I've blogged many times about this place and how much I love them. There are a few simple reasons, really. First are the incredible sales.

Marked down from P1,745.00 to P695. CRAZY!
Second are the quickly replenished stocks.

Get them while they're hot
Third, and most important of all? Their stuff actually fits me. Hooray for sizing that actually measures what it says it measures!

A size XL top that will actually fit me? YOU DON'T SAY?!
So we have: a) great price points b) a great selection ranging from basics (like those polos in that top photo) to mildly trendy wear and c) generous sizing. What's there that a plus size thrifty momma won't love?

At my last visit, I spied:
Pleated trousers with sweatsuit cuffs - working that sportswear-chic angle

Colorful messenger bags and some kicky flats and sneakers

And -- my current obsession -- You guessed it (if you've been following my Twitter and Pinterest) - gorgeous colored trousers!
In Wayne's World voice: "You will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine!" (Sorry for the oldie reference, readers born after 1989).

So there you have it, another shopping haven this Thrifty Mom recommends. These pics were shot at their Glorietta branch, though I mostly shop at their SM Southmall store. I believe they also have a Trinoma store for all you Northies. Enjoy, and if you do shop there, show me your picks!


Deepa said...

Good fit nga for curvy girls, I used to love this brand too. It's good for inexpensive cold weather wear (sweaters, jackets) if you're traveling.

cris said...

I heart Terranova. I wish they'll bring it back here in Ortigas area. They used to have one in Galleria but sadly no more :(

Katrina said...

@Deepa, yes on the cold weather stuff! Ang saya ko lang that they sell fall / winter stuff kahit na walang fall / winter dito hehe. Madkes travel shopping so much easier.

@cris, ohno, sayang! :(

mitch said...

Seen Terranova several times in SM Southmall pero I always fail to check it out kasi akala ko more of smaller sizes sila. Now i'll include it in my must shop place na! :)


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