Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ask Mudra: How to train your bangs/fringe/booms*

From a reader: Mudra, will you please do a post on how to take care / style / grow out bangs?

Of course, dear reader! Here's a bangs bonanza!

Plus Size Fasyon Mudra at 7 years old. God I wish I could rock a bob like that again!
I just love bangs. I find them so cool and nonchalant. My pegs for bangs hairstyles include Lauren Ambrose, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and the mother of all fabulous fringe, Marianne Faithfull (below). (Which is why I'm still kind of pissed with my current birthday haircut. I brought these pictures to the parlor and ended up with this. Boo.)

The closest I ever came to my ideal bangs / fringe hairstyle was this, taken December 2009 and done by stylist Matt of Regine's Makati. The bangs are a bit longer (below the eyebrow) and so needed to be trimmed every few weeks. 

How to maintain, style and eventually grow out your bangs/fringe/booms

1. Trim those suckers 

If you wish to maintain your bangs for a while, it's important to trim your bangs regularly.  Seems pretty straightforward -- any corner parlor can trim bangs, right? Wrong. I learned this the hard way when the stylist at Salon de Mariquit trimmed those glorious bangs up there into this monstrosity:
So if you don't want to visit your expensive stylist for each bangs-trim and don't know a cheaper parlorista who can do it well, your only recourse is to trim it yourself. Don't be scared!
By far the best guide I've ever found online is this one from Rebecca Woolfe of Girl's Gone Child. Step by step and fabulous results! 

2. Styling your bangs 

If your hair is wavy, like mine, or a bit curly, you need some help to get that straight-down-fringe style. Here's what worked for me:
    • After showering / shampooing, finger-dry bangs in front of the electric fan (haha) or with a blow-dryer.
    • Generally I'm fine with step 1, but there are days when bangs are quite stubborn and wavy. So I iron them straight with an electric hair iron.
    • Before going out I finish them with a bit of hairspray to ensure they keep their shape. You don't need to get a helmet of stiff hair -- two spritzes 10 inches or so away from the hair should do the trick.
    • Based on my experience, never ever use detanglers, straightening serum or any other product aside from hairspray on bangs. Whenever I did I'd always end up with these horribly 80s wet look bangs. SO NOT A GOOD LOOK.

    Sorry, DanRad

3. Growing them out (time to say goodbye, bangs!)

The best thing about bangs, for me, is that when I get sick of them I can just grow them out fairly quick. Here's a photo representation of that:
Tips for growing out your bangs / fringe:
  • Change the part of your hair. Usually with a straight-down fringe hair is parted down the middle (see Jan. 11 and Jan. 25). When bangs start to inch beyond the eyebrows, switch to a deep side part. Part your hair to one side while it is still wet and let it air-dry that way. 
  • Comb your bangs to the side to achieve that sideswept bangs look. A bit of hairspray helps to keep things in place too.
  • You can also trim bangs to get rid of excess volume on your side-bangs. Cut diagonally, but be subtle about it -- don't hack off more than necessary.
  • Some keep hair parted down the center while they grow out bangs. This works for narrow and oval face shapes, not so much for round and square faces like mine.
And that's it! Hmmm...I think I want to cut my bangs again. Heehee!!

*booms - superthick bangs, as coined by Tom & Lorenzo

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impossible girl said...

You look so good in the Jan photos! Hahaha...Love the Jan 25 look.


Katrina said...

thanks Jen! Long bangs are the trick talaga, but it's a delicate business, keeping them at the ideal length!!


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