Friday, October 12, 2012

K. Cullen

I'm having a loooot of fun with PicMonkey's Halloween themes. Check me out as a Cullen (na gutom, lol!)

Aaaaand with Dia de los Muertos facepaint:

OK, even I got freaked out about that.

I'm sorry; it's just that the week started out so nice and casual but quickly devolved into spreadsheet madness, overtime, time-of-the-month pain and a feverish daughter; I need a bit of silliness in my life!'s the normal outfit:

Just a normal black top (tiangge) with my favorite thrifted balloon skirt (Magarbo). The details make it: multistrand Bosquejo necklace; braided People are People belt and studded pumps (B Club), which are all just a teensy bit "tough" and keeps this from looking too boring.

The skull facepaint would've been awesome though, heehee.

What are your Halloween plans? Do tell me you're planning to dress up!!

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