Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quick post, great outdoors edition

We took this picture on our way to a happy dimsum lunch at Shi Lin; we used it to greet a good friend on his fabulous wedding too. I liked all our outfits too and the lovely outdoors, so let's make it an OoTD!

OK fine I can't resist adding another set of pics. Love Abbie's beachy curls and the plain white top + lace skirt + leopard brogues; Ava's rocking the print-on-print floral and stripes and fuschia brogues. I'm pretty blah in comparison - just the softest orange tee (Gap) paired with a khaki skirt (Bisou Bisou), braided belt (People Are People), red polka dot flats (Bangkok).

The team that loves dressing up together, stays together!


Abbie said...

I love that! "The team that loves dressing up together, stays together!" :)

Katrina said...

haha! Elegansya ng comms!


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