Friday, October 12, 2012

Shopping: exercise gear!

I've started running a couple times a week (well, I started again just last week), on top of my Wednesday yoga classes at Yoga Manila and all this running and Om-ming has made me think about exercise gear! Like these:

Left: Allstar (P399.75), right: Moving Comfort Luna (P2,109)
Let's not be coy here: I'm a chesty plus size lady -- when I do yoga shoulder stands my boobs can reach my chin! (Ew. Sexy, right?) Sports bras are essential to my comfort and well-being. One can save with the Allstar (left) or splurge with Moving Comfort (right); either way they carry up to XXL or 38D sizes, which means they'll fit!
Asics Gel 1170 (20% off P4,480.00)
My serious runner friends swear by Asics -- it's in their top five shoes for running. (Curiously, they don't mention the usual Nike / Adidas / Reebok trifecta). These shoes are pricey for me, but considering the punishment my feet go through, perhaps that's just all right.

For yoga I've found I actually prefer capris rather than full-length pants -- sometimes the hem of the pants catch when I'm doing a vinyasa! These lycra spandex capris look cute and sturdy, which will take me from yoga to jogging.

I like this Toning Tee from Reebok; it seems a bit more stylish than the usual workout gear. And that price is hard to beat.

You shopping for exercise gear too? Check out Zalora Philippines and get 5% off when you use my voucher code: KatAtienza0. Now tell me: what's your favorite exercise outfit?

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