Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thrifty mom retail therapy: Market Market (BGC)

I was really grumpy this morning because I had my biannual insomnia attack last night (that, and coupled with my daughter's months-long increasing disdain for sleeping on time, has been making me very Hulk Smash-y of late), so when my teammates asked me to join them at Market Market for lunch I wasn't really feeling it.

Good thing I changed my mind!

Two hours later...
I, uh, went a little overboard shopping, I can tell you that. But the best thing about it? All of this, for P2,500. For my birthday I treated myself to black Zara skinny jeans for that same price (it's divine though, and it was my birthday, so there).

Anyway, on today's retail therapy first stop: Edsel's Toyland at the Gift Market for my little girl's Halloween costume.
My sister's in-laws recently got her a cute dress with a built-in red tutu, and I thought these awesome ladybug wings, wand and antenna headband set (Left, P240) would be perfect for it! And then I looked around and found this adorable Minnie Mouse headband too (P75). I had to get it. A month ago we went to a costume birthday party and were looking for a headband just like this, to no avail. Well, next party we're invited to, we're ready! Finally, I made a stop at the Viva DVD/VCD kiosk to get her Little Einsteins and Elmo's World VCDs, since she loves those shows so much. (The Beauty & the Beast and Aladdin VCDs are FOR ME hahahah!) Original VCDs at P100 each; DVDs go from P199.

And then: it was momma's time to play.

Welcome to Market Market's Fashion Market!

 Rows upon rows of all kinds of clothes and very reasonable prices, all for the diligent shopper to get lost in (and possibly go overboard shopping). Check out my picks under the cut:
My teammates and I loved the look of the boutique Nava; Abbie and Ava responded very well to the visual merchandising and the well-curated picks inside. I responded well to these acqua peeptoes at 50% off!

These beauties for just P795!

AND YOU GUYS I FINALLY HAVE MY COLORED JEANS YAY!!!! For about a month now on Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook and Mangojuiced and this blog I've been all "colored jeans this" and "colored jeans that" so now you can all tell me "SHUT UP NOW YOU HAVE YOUR BRICK-RED JEANS KTHNXBAI!"

And I will answer: NO I AM NOT DONE YOU GUYS YOU KNOW WHAT THE BEST THING ABOUT THESE JEANS ARE? They're only P560. Five hundred and sixty pesos. Perfection! Thank you, D'Girl boutique, for stocking "size 32" brick red jeans that fit hips that don't lie!

You know what happened next. As soon as I had those jeans, I thought: I totally need a breton top to go with this.
Saw this lightweight, squarish-cut striped shirt at Anne Juleth (P350) and snapped it up. Whee!

So now I'm not that grumpy anymore, hehehe. What about you, dolls? What are your favorite shopping haunts?


mitch said...

Jeans w0w around 500 bucks, definitely amazing find! Super like your shoes talaga!!

Deepa said...

God, I miss cheap shoes. And being able to expose my toes year-round.

Can you do a thrifty mom post on where to buy nice newborn/baby clothes? I need to know where to shop when I go home in December!

Katrina said...

Hi Mitch, amazing talaga! So lucky to find it :D

Hi Deepa, sure, will do! Thanks :D


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