Monday, October 22, 2012

Trendoid: Mullet Dress

OK, OK, so about two months ago I got some wonderful stuff from Zalora Philippines and kept on promising to post pictures of them, but 60 days have passed and where are the pictures, Mudra?!

Well here we go! Let's start with my favorite purchase, a tribal print mullet dress. PAINFULLY on trend, yet oh-so right!
I wore this on a Friday at work. (I've also worn it to a children's party and to weekend lunch.) It's sleeveless so to make it work- and aircon-appropriate I paired it with this old denim jacket. Like, college era pa yan!

 Blue suede stacked heels (Old Navy) echo the blue of the jacket while being in the same ethnic-Anthropologie-esque wheelhouse. Silver hoop earrings, cameo necklace and stacked tiangge bangles finish the look.

This dress also has a surprise...

It's backless, but not so low that I'll have problems picking a bra. All in all a fun, summer-y or weekend look. 

Now I know super trendy things are risky purchases because their shelf lives are rather short. Thankfully, sells these trendy items at very reasonable prices, so you won't feel too guilty getting them. This particular dress is...WAIT FOR IT...P525.00. BOOOOOOOOOM!
(Besides, I'm pretty sure once the mullet trend dies this dress will serve me well at the beach or by the pool!)

Check out their latest stuff here and take an additional 5% off by typing the voucher code KatAtienza0 before checking out.


Gessyl said...

love ur blog! can u comment on the sizing of collective? i really want to buy a top from them. im just not sure with their sizing.. thanks!

Katrina said...

Hello Gessyl!! I fit their L and XL sizes. That dress was just a size L but it fit me pretty well. I also have a chiffon blouse from them, size XL, which is a tiny bit snug in the armholes but otherwise fits fine. :D


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