Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day to night, Mudra style

I don't really go out at night. Not that I don't want to -- man, I would so love to go out dancing! But real dancing, not cutie-posing-while-checking-other-people-out grooving -- but you know, it's hard, being busy and all that. And the whole nightlife scene has evolved into something so VIP-lounge, clubby, glam-my that it's impossible to feel comfortable, so when I do go out I end up drinking at someone else's house and laughing for hours.


 Aaaaaaanyway, back in August I was invited to go to this party thingie at a club near my office. It was a Thursday night, so I had to come prepared. This is what I chose to wear to go from day to night.

 I had a trim black top (SM) under my favorite boho vest (thrifted, Magarbo) and a full white skirt (also thrifted). A slim belt (SM) gives shape so it doesn't look too messy. Clunky clogs finish it off.

I went with this because I wanted something that was a bit quirky and unexpected. Something that worked for the office but also for a party setting, without appearing too -- you know, "why are you wearing a cocktail dress at work?"

(And the default nightlife uniform nowadays is bodycon and/or lace, which is not something I'd be comfortable with!)

Before going to the party I added a green statement necklace (Aksesorya) for some interest.

Enjoying free drinks with Team Manojuiced's Tania Arpa, rocking it in goddess green!
What about you? Any tips -- or pictures! -- of day-to-night style?


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