Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall fash (layering + neutrals + boots)

So inspired by these awesome looks -- enough to make me wish for fall weather! Brr!

Amanda Seyfried in Paris
Cate Blanchett in Sydney
Jamie Bell in Venice
All celebrity photos taken from Tom and Lorenzo. You should go there and browse!
Joy of Just Like Sushi
Just Like Sushi is my new favorite style blog. I love the blogger's self-confessed take on unique style with "tomboyish influences." I just love this cozy look!

I would love to recreate these tough/comfy/badass/casual looks with one of my jackets, a neutral tunic, my black Zara skinny jeans and my Muji slip-on boots. I just need the weather to provide me with an opportunity to bust them out!

What's been inspiring you, style-wise, lately?



Wow! So cool! You featured me on your blog! Aaah you're just the sweetest! This look will look great on you too :)

With love,


Katrina said...

Thanks Joy! So inspired by your outfit :) It's just too hot in the Philippines to dress exactly this way, but I'm thinking of how to make it work with lightweight clothes ;)


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