Monday, November 12, 2012

Frenchie top

Say hello to my new Twitter avatar LOL
I'm a little obsessed with Breton shirts - those striped tops that people usually pair with a beret and a baguette to caricature French people in movies. There's something so fresh and preppy and nautical and unisex-y about them.

I don't have a real Breton shirt, just this very very old (like, I've had it since high school) sweatshirt I got from the Surplus Shop. Click "read more" to see how I styled it for work!

Instead of styling it preppy with khakis or slim black pants and pearls, I went with some saturated color, like the deep plum of the skirt and the tangerine heels, to contrast with the solid preppiness of the top. The abstract-y necklace also echoes the geometry of the stripes while adding some interest.

(This is my post-birthday haircut, BTW. See what I mean by the "simple girl" layers? The hair's just kinda...there. I decided to cut my own bangs for some interest!)

Top, SM Surplus Shop (circa 1997), necklace,; skirt, Forever 21; shoes, Zara TRF; cuff, Esprit.


Deepa said...

Kinda obsessed with stripes too. They are carrying me through this pregnancy! Muji and Uniqlo make really nice striped tops and dresses with great quality fabric. Buti meron na sa Pinas!
Love the tangerine pumps too. Zara low heels are so comfy.

Katrina said...

Ooh yes Muji's stripes are so cute. I'll check out Uniqlo too. :D

Re- pumps, Thanks! Got them on major sale so extra winner!


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