Friday, November 23, 2012

Liebster blog survey

Woohoo, blog survey time! Haven't done this in a while, and I've missed it. It all started with Deepa's Liebster (favorite) blog nomination, who nominated Jason, who nominated me (thanks J!). Here are the mechanics:
With the Liebster Blog Award comes 11 questions, and the duty to pass on the award to blogs with a relatively small following.

And now on to the questions!

  • What did your first ever blog look/read like?I started blogging in 2003 -- 9 years ago, gasp! I was 22, stuck in a thankless entry-level job at an NGO, newly married and coming to terms with having a house to run and a kid and a husband to take care of. So, as you'd expect: lots of rants, lots of "I miss college", lots of incredibly raw posts that I now find so embarrassing, I hid them!
  • What is your writing gadget/tool of choice?
  • I usually just type stuff out on MS Word. I wrote my second chick-lit novel The Hagette in Notepad though because I have a tendency to edit/stifle myself on Word sometimes. I've only lately "discovered" the beauty of keeping a couple of notebooks with me at all times.
The one on the left is my "professional" life goals/budget/long-term plan notebook, the one with the eye is my "creative" notebook where I jot story ideas, vignettes, hypothetical situations, rough drafts of whatever I'm working on at the moment, etc.

  • As a kid, who/what did you hate the most?
    I think the worst thing about being a kid / being young is not being taken seriously -- people not listening to what I had to say, or dismissing me entirely, even if I knew that I had entirely valid points to make.

    I also could not stand Telly Monster on Sesame Street for some reason.

  • What/who made you smile the last?
    My friend just texted me the most random thing ever: "Hey I'm back from [Southeast Asian country], I miss you and want to see you soon. You look like Jessie J the girl who sings Price Tag."

    Uh, thanks? LOL! Love this girl.
  • Let us hear good news from you :-)
    I'm working on a book, which is totally different from my other books, and I'm super excited for it. In fact I should get back to writing it, but this survey! I couldn't resist!

  • Which actor would play you in a film?
    Oooh! This is a tough one. I'll be a total ilusyonada and say Cate Blanchett even if we look nothing alike because she's so awesome and I love her adore her love her and she can make my not-that-cinematic life story interesting onscreen.

    • Kindly recommend a sexy movie.
      The Avengers:
      geekery meets action meets a smorgasbord of Hot Male archetypes: wisecracking elder statesman (Iron Man), muscular surfer (Thor), brainiac with a dark side (Hulk), Juicy Buns (Captain America), pocket-sized cutie (Hawkeye), chocolate thunder (Fury), unassuming geek (Coulson) and of course my personal favorite, British genocidal maniac (Loki).

      Also, X-Men: First Class for primo James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. RRRRR.

      Sorry, this is a lame answer!!

    • What fashion tip/grooming product do you most swear by?
      I heard about Hada Labo toner from Xiaxue and asked my dad to buy that for me when he went to Japan. Instead of astringent it's supposed to help retain moisture. It does! I do feel softer / smoother when I apply this after cleansing and before moisturizing.

      I've also just discovered Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer after my tita bought me a small pot from Australia. It's so great. Lately I've been feeling my face is tired and drawn from all my late nights; I pat this after my normal moisturizer just around the eyes, on my laugh lines and the center of my forehead where I have frown lines -- I feel like the skin looks more "refreshed" the next day.

    • What should people NOT BUY for you this Christmas?
      Dresses. Not that I don't like dresses, but my body's super weird now and it's hard for me to find a dress that fits AND flatters. So I really need to fit it to be sure. :(
    • What are you wishing for this Christmas?

    • To see my friends more. To not lose interest in writing my new book. To have more financial security. To take steps towards building our dream home.

  • My turn! I'm tagging:

    Jen (Style in Real Life)
    Mina (Publishing in Pajamas)
    Tania (A Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse)Mitch (Feastful Life)
    The Belated Bloomer

    And on to the questions:

    1. It's been a long, tiring, draining, I-just-want-to-cry kind of day. What do you do for comfort?
    2. Name one crush that usually makes your loved ones go "Really? That guy? You like him? You sure?"
    3. If you could be dressed by just one designer/brand, who/what would it be and why?
    4. One movie you will never ever be tired of seeing:
    5. Last five songs you've listened to:
    6. Trend you will never ever ever in a million years try:
    7. Complete the sentence: "People will be surprised to learn of my obsessive knowledge about _____"
    8. Do you have a life peg -- a successful person who's achieved much through ways you generally approve of? Who is it, and why?
    9. How has blogging changed for you from when you first started?
    10. What's one legacy you hope to be remembered for, 30 years from now?
    11. Number one frustration:

    Lovett! Thanks again J for the nomination! I Liebster you too!


    Jason said...

    Liebtster is fun!!!!

    Winner ang description for Avengers, haha!
    I want to try that Clinique product.
    Congratulations on your new book!

    I might answer your questions din because I realized how much I missed answering blog surveys, lol.

    Katrina said...

    Haha!! I know, nakakamiss!! Thanks for tagging again. And you must try that Clinique thingy. And answer na din, LOL!!

    Deepa said...

    Fun fun fun!
    Speaking of Michael Fassbender and sexy movies, you should watch Shame. Grabeeee. Did they even show it in Manila though?

    Katrina said...

    @Deepa, I saw Shame on dibidi. Found it more disturbing than sexy though, I felt for how his character was so screwed up. Although in the threesome scene I was thinking "if it's beautifully lit and scored with moving instrumental music, is it still porn?" LOL

    Jason said...

    OMG, Shame!!! Nakatalikod na, nakalawit pa din!!!

    Katrina said...

    Bwahaha Jason! Kamusta naman ang first five minutes ng Shame diba? May I kuha ng tubig si kuya in his birthday suit!!


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