Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Plus-Size and Blazing a New Path (NYT)

I just had to share this great read with you guys (via the wonderful Gigi). It just makes me so happy to read something like this on the New York Times and so excited to be part of a "movement" towards celebrating bodies of all sizes, through fashion. Here's my favorite part, and what I think of each day when I get dressed.

"I say there are no rules for plus-size dressing,” [said Gabi Gregg (gabifresh.com)] 
A previous generation’s rules (no horizontal stripes, bright colors, fitted shapes or bold prints) have been tossed away by these bloggers, who embrace miniskirts, jeggings, peplum tops and sheer blouses. 
“I tell my readers to throw the rules out the window,” said Alissa Wilson, 30, who blogs at Stylish Curves from Bayside, Brooklyn. “The goal is not to look smaller; the goal is to find clothes that make you look good.” 
Most plus-size designers still haven’t gotten the memo, it seems. 
“Retailers seem to think that once you are over a certain size, you don’t care about fashion and want nothing more fashionable than yet another midlength mock wrap-front jersey dress in an ugly print,” wrote Diane Dennis, 37, who blogs at Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too and lives in the West Midlands region of England. “Give us something new already and, God forbid, on trend.”  
A-FREAKING-MEN! No more all black, stretch jersey shapeless tents! Time to embrace our bodies and let them shine in great clothes! And cheers to all the great fashion bloggers abroad and in the Philippines - like PlumPinay, Feastful Life and more - for leading that charge.

Do read the piece -- Here's the rest of the article.


Deepa said...

Great read indeed! Thanks for sharing!
Lots of new blogs to read, too. (Except I find the younger ones a bit too trendy for my taste. Ewan ko ba, lola na yata ako. Haha.)

Katrina said...

Haha Deeps! Saya din tignan nung younger ones for their bravery. Ang tapang ng mga kidlets magbihis, naiinspire ako on the days when I just want to go around in a giant sweatshirt and mom jeans.


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