Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Selling the menswear

I love a slouchy, grungy, rumpled menswear look. So androgynous, so Devil-may-care...and so easy! Basically pants and a polo and you're set, yes?

HOWEVER! You need to be careful with the details. Because just a slouchy, grungy, rumpled pants and a polo can also look, well, lazy and sloppy. ("But but but!") Hush. The idea here is to look slouchy and grungy...on purpose. With style. There's a difference!
And to do that, you gotta amp up the accessories.

And I mean amp it up! Pile on three necklaces or more if needed for that gypsy neck party! (Necklaces: Punk Kikay statement necklace, Bangkok tusk pendant on Silverworks chain, and a tiangge locket from my son).

A nice strong lip and mascara works wonders too. 
Contrasting pumps (Zara TRF) elevate the look quite a bit as well.

Also wearing an Esprit chambray polo (my husband's), Terranova carrot slacks, wooden bracelet from Bangkok and eQuip ring.

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