Friday, November 16, 2012

Shopping: What to wear to a kiddie party

Check out today's MangoJuiced post: all about The Subtle Art of Kiddie Party Dressing! In it I break down two ways to do it in comfort and style: Tunic and slim pants, or a goofproof dress.

 Tunic and slim pants

Check out the original post to see how and why this look works so well; but in the meantime, here are some alternates to the choices above:
Plain white too staid for you? Rock a vibrant, lightweight top for some serious style while keeping your cool. Left, Chloe Edit Marla Billowy top (P1195); V-neck blouse (P795); and ViseVersa sleeveless chiffon drawstring blouse (P999.75).

(Check out more choices for pants and dresses under the cut)

If you find the typical skinny jeans or leggings too expected, mix your tunic with light-colored trousers, like this pair by Bayo (P945; do be careful of spaghetti though) or these textured wide-waistband trousers by Space Pants (60% off - P598 only!).

 Goofproof dress

Maxis not your thing? There's no denying that a short dress has got that kicky, playful vibe going on that gives you instant style points. A tailored shift is a goofproof choice, but if you want to push the fashion envelope a bit:
A Hawaiian-print shirtdress (P1,495 by Spring Fling) is youthful and fun and works perfectly in a poolside setting. If you want to feel a little flirty-sexy, the this lounge-lizardy ikat dress by (P895) is the way to go.

Like anything you see? Get these all from Zalora Philippines and get further 5% off with the discount code KatAtienza0.

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