Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Gift Guide #1: Yo Momma!

Hey there! Since December is just around the corner, and we're filling in our shopping lists (at least I hope you're starting to shop for gifts -- don't cram!) I decided to start this Tuesday Gift Guide series from now until Christmas. I'll be posting gift ideas for specific people in your list and what's better, you can click on the links I post and buy them directly! Even better, you can get additional 5% discount -- just scroll on to find out how.

For this week's gift guide, let's look at gifts for:


Whether it's your mom, your mother-in-law, your future mother-in-law, an aunt who is like a mom to you, your best friend's mom, a teacher-mentor, a motherly boss -- you'll want a classy gift that will make her feel loved and special, while taking her interests into consideration and fitting into your budget. Here are three options:


I'm a big fan of Banana Republic's scents -- and so is my mom! Their perfumes smell crisp, clean and professional; never cloying nor "too much." Get this for the classic Momma who favors pearls and navy pantsuits. 


Yo Momma a fan of cooking and feeding the hungry hordes, while having an eye for great product design? This Slique ceramic wok is perfect. Ceramic is durable, safe for high temperatures and distributes heat evenly, so stir-frying is always great. Plus it's hard not to fall for this yummy and distinctive melon shade. 


Being on a budget isn't a disadvantage when shopping for the fashionable Momma. She'll love this chunky and modern necklace, which'll spice up her plain tops, and this earrings set -- with the Gabby, Gabriele and George earrings -- are funky without looking costume-y.

Want to get an additional 5% off these purchases? Just type in the voucher code KatAtienza0. Happy shopping!!

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