Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cool moms, I'm looking for you!

Maybe it's because I'm finding it hard to get dressed lately -- I don't feel too corporate-y, and what I want to wear is not weather compliant -- so I'm finding myself bored to the point of aggravation towards the dreaded Simple Girl/Simple Mom porma. I know there's unassailable simplicity and beauty in looking neat and put-together, and that the formula of no-fuss solid colors, pulled-back hair, pearls, minimal jewelry and sensible flats is guaranteed to make you look nice, but I feel like life's too short to aim for "nice," "simple," "neat," "pretty" and "sensible" when you can be, I don't know, complicated, cool, awesome, unique, crazy, rocking, memorable!

Like these ladies:

So show me there's hope for moms who haven't been brainwashed into the Simple Look. I want to see moms who are not afraid to be different and own their own style. Tell them to document what their wearing, or better yet (because they're crazy busy), snap their pictures and send them to me! I'll put them up on the Mommstyle Tumblr.

Come on!! Inspire me! Inspire you! Together we can defeat the Simple Scourge!

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