Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crraazy weather

 So what about this tropical disturbance, eh? Thanks for making the last few free days cloudy and sniffle-making, tropical disturbance!!

But if you need an upshot to all this, I guess we can say..."at least we can break out the layers"?

...and the BOOTS!

OK, full confession....this was actually taken around my birthday last September. Haven't posted it yet because we've had a run of good weather since then.

I know the look isn't perfect. I hadn't gotten my Zara skinny jeans yet, which would've made this sing, and instead have on my Bayo cropped pants, which wrinkle and puddle over the boots unenticingly.

But I just love these boots and any excuse to wear them! So if it starts raining tomorrow, these beauties will be out and spinning once again.

Credits: Old Navy tunic; Folded & Hung vest; Bayo cropped pants; Muji boots; Aksesorya necklace; accessories from eQuip and various tiangges.

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