Monday, December 3, 2012

Guest Post: Jen of Style -- in Real Life

Aaand the long hiatus of the PSFM Guest Post is over! This week we have Jen of Style -- in Real Life. Jen and I used to work together and I've always admired her sense of style. These days she lives in Singapore and I still admire her style POV: feminine pieces mixed with boyfriend basics. So refreshing amid the usual conservative, pretty, put-together, upscale, goody-two-shoes girlfriend/young mom porma one sees all the time (like, right now. Really, go to a mall and you'll see what I mean!). I hope you'll be as inspired as I am by Jen's iconoclastic take on dressing up!

My style point of view has always been about mixing basics with the unexpected. I am drawn to feminine pieces and adding tougher elements. I love mixing in menswear and creating unique spins on my everyday looks.

Here are some of my favourite style tricks:

1.    Invest in versatile accessories that add just the perfect touch to make your everyday look more interesting.

My favorite is layering with this Liz Clairborne utility vest that I picked up last year and perfectly complements my style point of view (feminine pieces mixed in with boyfriend basics).  I am getting a lot of mileage from this vest.
The vest added structure to my floral balloon skirt.
Gave this sugary sweet chiffon dress just the right amount of edge.
Topped off a casual tomboy outfit.
Went all-out safari paired with electric yellow balloon skirt.
2.    Add cool twists to everyday officewear

Update those boring pencil skirts by pairing with unconventional tops. It creates the right proportion and a hint of the unexpected.
Instead of the cookie-cutter quarter-sleeved button-down top, pair your classic black pencil skirt with a graphic tee (Tip: Try the men’s section - they always seem to stock up on tees with interesting prints). Swap out the pumps with lace-up booties.
For a preppy tomboy vibe, wear with knit and accessorize with tougher hardware – flat ankle boots and chunky silvers.
A 90s girl at heart, I paired my favorite flannel with a denim skirt. Add some funky details – like knotting up the shirt, which also helps streamline the silhouette.
Or, lose the black classic pair and go for one in bold colors and prints:
Stay tuned next week for part 2 of Jen's Guest Post. In the meantime, do check out previous Guest Posters:


Deepa said...

Nice post, nice style! Love the vest especially.
Natawa ako sa goody two shoes! In other words, simple girl! Di ko talaga keri yung ganon.

Katrina said...

Korak sa Simple Girl peg! May-I-neat ponytail and light make up, lol!!

impossible girl said...

Thanks for the feature, Iggy!

Katrina said...

My pleasure, Jen!


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