Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Haul

Did someone say "statement shoes"? 

My tangerine Zara TRF pumps and acqua Nava platforms were joined by two beauties: coral and neon green ballet flats, from Scarlet! (My sister's gift to me, yay!). They're going to be spicing a lot of outfits the new year!

(Oh, you like these shoes? Get them for yourself at Zalora Philippines and take 5% off with the code KatAtienza0).

But the gift that made me squeal was this:

Not my photo, obvs, but it's this exact same model!
I've been dreaming lusting hankering wanting a good, genuine leather bag of my own for the longest time (especially for sort-of formal events and important business meetings, where my giant duffel bag doesn't quite make the right impression), but hesitated on whipping out the card because sooo expensive! At the same time, getting a nice faux version wasn't in my list too because I can't tell you how many times those suckers have peeled and flaked and stretched on me. So I hankered dreamt lusted after a good bag, until my dad totally blindsided me by whipping this out on Christmas! I love it!!!!

These are all fantabulous, but the best gift of all was three days of celebrating the holidays with my loved ones. I've done a lot of thinking this year, and reevaluated my value system, and realized my family and friends are the real treasure.

(but a cool bag is still nice!)

What about you, what were your favorite Christmas gifts this year? 

(Oh and by the way, if you're procrastinating as I am, you might want to check my writer blog. It's got full, free-to-read versions of most of the published articles, short stories, features and general stuff I've written over the years. There's also a fun book survey that Mina tagged me with; hope it helps me write The Next Big Thing!)


Deepa said...

Yay for fun flats! I just got a fuschia snakeskin pair from Janylin and a coral pair with studs/spikes from Australian. Grabe, na-miss ko ang Landmark.

Merry Christmas Iggy!

Katrina said...

Merry Christmas Deepa!!


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