Monday, December 10, 2012

Saving the rave

As promised: our annual post-holiday party outfit post! You may recall this year's theme...

Aaaand here's what I (and my friends) wore:

Bathroom outfit shot, check!

With J-Proc
Before anything else, let me just say that this was the hardest, by far, of all the office Christmas parties I've participated in organizing. There were so many elements, last-minute additions, externals, changes, schedule and instruction SNAFUs that in the week leading up to the party I vowed to let loose and go wild at the night itself. Besides, I'd been dying to go dancing for months and months and months and here it was, finally, the chance to jump around like a loon.

I'm not sure my knees are thankful for that decision -- I'm not kidding, I spent the weekend hobbling with what felt like arthritic knees -- but it was worth it!

So with going wild my main objective, I kept things simple and comfortable: this lime-green graphic tee from Forever 21, paired with new purple shorts from SM (for that Hulk Smash effect), gray leggings and flat brogues, because I didn't want sore feet from spoiling my fun. I was thinking of sneakers but they were a bit too bulky for my look. A bead necklace, fake hipster glasses and tons of leather bracelets finished it off.

Needless to say, my precautions paid off. It was the hardest to organize but the funnest once the party got going!
Tyre "Kanye" kept plying us with these test tube somethings
The party was thrice as awesome due to the night's DJs, the gorgeous Zombettes

More scenes of revelry:

And finally, the overworked and possibly over-partied Events Team. Thanks you guys!

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