Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Gift Guide: For the Men in Your Life

There's nothing so frustrating and so nerve-wracking as shopping for the men in your life -- especially if they're like my husband: simple, down-to-earth and easily satisfied -- a guy you'd never hear say "OMG I totally WANT THAT!" It should make gifting easy, right? Maybe, if you want to half-ass it, but as my cousin so eloquently says: never half-ass things. Whole-ass them! And I want  to find my hubby's secret wishes. To me there's nothing greater than hearing "Oh wow, I totally needed this, I was just thinking of getting that!"

So as we're all in the same boat, we can consider the following fun, thoughtful and not-too-pricey (except for some) gifts for...


The Weasley Twins
Rene Requiestas shirt (P375) and Keep Calm pillow (P499.75). Perfect for your jokester cousin, brother, wisecracking uncle, friends and hooting officemates.

The Ultimate Fan

Bob Marley earphones (P1,599) and Simpsons Duff Beer wallet (P780). Perfect for: your new boyfriend, your long-time male BFF. Getting into a guy's fandom signals knowing him on a deeper level. Encouraging him in said fandom? That's forging newfound connections, girl. He knows you've listened to him go on and on about "Jammin'" to know you, like, get it. And that's going to touch his heart.
Mr. GQ 

Skipper Backpack (P1,250); Aviators (P295). A stylish man is a treasure indeed; even more so if he's your constant shopping buddy. Whoever he is -- office best friend, college roommate, stylish bro, maybe even your significant other (lucky you!) the clean lines and trend-forward looks of these gifts will be much appreciated.

The Man

 Fred Lenzo leather wallet (P9,184), Breo Orb watch (P4,090). Perfect for: Dad, Dad-in-law, Big Boss, Fussy Hubby. The man of discriminating taste is hands-down the hardest to shop for. They can afford the finer things in life and are all about quality. Spend a bit for these guys and look for gifts that reflect their personality, whether it's the restrained elegance of this wallet or the sporty, on-the-go-ness of this watch.

Like my gift recommendations? There's LOOOOTS more to see at Zalora Philippines! And if you type KatAtienza0 upon check out, you get an extra 5% off. There are so many reasons to shop online this Christmas season, do it now!!


Deepa said...

Marlon doesn't know who Rene Requiestas is. True story. :P

Katrina said...

Hahahahaha! Panalo!!

impossible girl said...

I love that backpack!

Katrina said...

I love it too! **wishlist**


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