Friday, January 4, 2013

Dark of the matinee

I was kind of a Goth-y kid, you know: I almost always sympathized with villains in any movie; I came of age in the dark and dour grunge era; The Craft fascinated me (and my friends, it must be said.) I most feel comfortable in dark colors and looks that reflect this Goth side, but it's an urge that I struggle to overcome. Dark and Goth-y is not always a good look for me, see.

Sometimes though it feels good to give in.

The challenge was to make it appropriate for the office, so: a streamlined, fitted silhouette; minimal accessories; cheeky deployment of the boots. Oh, and tame hair always helps to keep things professional-ish. (Tip: when I want smooth, manageable hair, I use Human Nature's Intensive Hair Mask the night before. Never fails to tame flyaways and frizz.)

Wearing: thrifted cardigan (Magarbo); Sams'ka'ra Atelier dress; long necklace from my son; SM dept. store tights; Muji boots.


impossible girl said...

Props to The Craft and Franz Ferdinand references! :P

Katrina said...



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