Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Getting my mojo back in 2013!

Happy New Year, lovely people!

It's been no secret that 2012 was tough. Friends, I'd been in a funk. And my clothes were reflecting it. I didn't have the energy, the creativity, the will to dress nicely (when there were so many f'd up things going on.) I'd lost my mojo.

But it's 2013, a New Year, a NEW BEGINNING, a time to put the past year behind and look forward with hope for all that the new year will bring. And this morning, why, my fashion mojo was back!

Yes, it's a very simple look; but it's miles better than the schlubbly, no-effort T-shirt + jeans + sneakers looks that I've been wearing the past few days. (There's nothing wrong with that, but if you're going to wear a shirt and jeans, do it with panache! I'd been doing out of depression, see). 

This is very snappy and also quite patriotic with the red, white and blue color combination. 
A striped top (Anne Juleth) and balloon skirt (Magarbo) can go off the rails pretty quick, so a shape-giving belt (People are People) and ruby red pumps (Fioni / Payless) add that touch of panache. A contrasting color necklace (Aksesorya, in lime green) also punctuates the whole look.

Speaking of Magarbo, they are now at Westgate Alabang, in the building behind Kanin Club. I'll visit and do a post on them soon!

And that's that for my first 2013 look. What about you? How are you feeling about the new year?

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