Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jock itch

Our company football team is finally pushing through! We had our first uniform fitting and training yesterday and I am so crazily excited / scared, I can't concentrate on anything else! Yep, my mind is on football football football. I've unearthed these pictures from the Women's European Cup 2009 and staring at them all day long for inspiration.
England v Sweden

A Finnish and Dutch player crash into each other

My FAVORITE picture of all. Just love the sassy expression on this lady's face!
And now that we'll be training about twice a week, I've been concerned about my sportswear. I have a bunch of stuff for running and yoga but it's crazy how fast I run through them with all the training we're doing. I'm eyeing these cool sportswear options from Zalora:

Thriv Blast Short (P2,100) - Ladies, I don't know about you, but shorts for me are super problematic. Either they're cut too balloon-y so they look like puruntong and ride up my leg as I run, or fit the legs well but bind the hips so much I'm scared of splitting a seam. This pair from Thriv sits low on the hip and is cut nicely to avoid bunching during activity.

Nike AS Miler SS Jersey (P1,795) - A comfortable jersey that doesn't bind to the body and is made of breathable fabric is fantastic -- you can never have enough of these. This one by Nike is super hoard-able.

Nike AS Shape bra (P1,795) - I've tried a bunch of sports bras in my time, but the one that has consistently kept its shape the longest and is the best support for strenuous sports has been my Nike bra. Best value for money. I super need a new one to give my current one a rest!

Nike Strike Serie A ball (P995) - Because we all need a sturdy ball to practice on!

What about you? Are you starting a new activity this year? Have you checked out Zalora's awesome sports section? Remember, you can get an additional 5% off when you add the discount code KatAtienza0 upon check out!

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