Thursday, January 3, 2013

Link of the day: the "Brooklyn Aesthetic"

I'm not really a fan of that NY-centric, special snowflake, Manhattan vs Queens vs Brooklyn etc. categorization that one reads in the media all the time, but this New York Times article is worth a look just for articulating that style sensibility that I strive to aim for -- and want to see more of.
Referential rather than racy, this style of dress is in keeping with Ms. [Jennifer] Mankins’s theory that the current Brooklyn aesthetic, if it exists, has a certain intellectualism to it.
“If people are going to define ‘sexy’ it’s going to be in a way that’s a little more subversive,” she said. “It’s about being interesting as opposed to being really sexy, with the really high heels and really tight dresses.”
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Yes to making references in your clothes. Yes to thinking out of the box beyond the Coach-toting, ballet-flat-wearing, ponytail-sporting "demure mom" look. NO! to aiming to fit into those Herve Leger-style bandage dresses. Yes to experimenting with print and color and the unexpected!

Let's see more of that in 2013!!

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