Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Overscheduled mommy

So I came back from a four-day weekend (actually three days here and one glorious day spent vacuuming the house) and decided to mark my return by GOING BOOM.

 I'm not as cray-cray about it as I was before (largely because my favorite team is in the dumps right now) but I'm rabid about football. So when I found out about an upcoming football sportsfest I volunteered to organize the company team. And now I am so so tense trying to get everyone ready by the tournament, collating expenses, frantically trying to book a practice field nearby, juggling people's playing schedules, getting a coach confirmed....ETCETERA!

 Football also means devoting my Saturday mornings to practice, which also means I need to juggle around the stuff I need to do on the weekend. Like the ton of writing projects I said yes to, because I'm a yes girl like that!

And there's still my day job, and my after-work writing on a book project, and some official stuff I need to take care of with the bank and etcetera...

So yeah, I'm super overscheduled and maybe just a teeny bit stressed. (Just a bit). I keep on wishing for a vacation, but really, I do this to myself. Stress Drilon is my best friend!

What's all this got to do with this outfit? Nothing, really; just explaining why I'm sort of scarce around the blog, and besides I think this look is really nice -- simple but contemporary.

(Credits: cardigan, Landmark; dress, via Zalora; shoes, Peacocks London. Also wearing tiangge chandelier earrings and eQuip silver bangles).

And here I go back diving into the smorgastressbord. Wish me luck!!

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