Monday, January 21, 2013

"Polo Club"-bing it

Helllloooo friends! Sorry for the blog absence but y'all know what this overscheduled mom's up to (like the two consecutive meetings I have and the trip to Rockwell I have to squeeze in -- Rockwell why you gotta be so far from civilization?! -- and the things I have to print out and confirm and *THUD*). Anyway, for today's blog post, I thought I'd channel Twitter genius Angelica SantibaƱez (@DonyaSantibanez -- there are pretenders but this account is the best) with my "Rich Bitch Polo Club" look. Onwards baby!

"Good morning mga hampaslupa! Facundo, ilabas ang kabayo!

For those who may be a bit too young or out of it to get the reference, Angelica SantibaƱez is the villain in the Mexican telenovela Marimar which aired in 1994 or 1995 I think. She was really evil and filthy rich -- great fun to caricature as the ultimate Rich Bitch!

Pretending to survey my vast hacienda. Chos!

I'm totally kidding about the Rich Bitch crack, you know; but I think the pearls and the boots really make this "Lunching with my amigas then tending to my horses" look. Haha!

Credits: Landmark cardigan; Old Navy Polo; Zara jeans; Muji boots; F21 necklace and pearls from hubs.

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