Thursday, February 7, 2013

A sartorial ode to Robert Plant

A line drawing of Zeppelin's plane, Jimmy Page, the arena, and other elements of the film on a black backgroundOnce upon a time (actually between 2007-2009) I was super crazily disturbingly obsessed with Led Zeppelin. I had all their albums and they were all I listened to all day. I read, re-read and loved Hammer of the Gods. I bought an original of the classic concert DVD, The Song Remains The Same. And my day wasn't complete if I didn't hear "Whole Lotta Love" at least, oh, three times.

To me, Zeppelin were the perfect band: a perfect mix of genius virtuoso mad scientist lead guitarist (Jimmy Page), pounding jackhammer drummer (John Bonham), mage alchemist bassist slash any other weird instrument player (John Paul Jones) and a sexy strutting charisma generator amazing singer (Robert Plant).

I was especially taken with the young Robert Plant. I know right! I don't even know. But even with the corny 70s costumes and masses of turquoise and puff-sleeved blouses (puff sleeves!) and stories of screwing groupies in tubs full of baked beans (disgusting!) -- Planty just had it.

Absorb the hotness, mortals.

Led Zeppelin

 Remember what I said about puff sleeves?


All that is just a sort of explanation for this look I'm going to show you. Proof that I still have a post-hippie 70s rock psychedelic groove monkey in me. At times! (Photos taken last September, hence the hippie ombre hair)

Wearing: buccaneer shirt, Cinderella (circa 1994); Moda Plus navy trousers; Peacocks brogues; feather necklace and tusk pendant from Bangkok; bracelets from Bosquejo and random tiangge buys.

But this post-hippie groove monkey just can't say no to a strong red lip.

Now if you'll excuse me, I feel a sudden urge to play Led Zeppelin I today...

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