Monday, February 18, 2013

Beauty: SkinStation facial

About last year I got a gift card to SkinStation from one of my racket-y press kit things and I've been dying to use it. This weekend I finally did. With all the football and testosterone and sports and stress I decided I needed a little kikay me-time.

All photos from the SkinStation website. Sorry I was so stressed I forgot to take pictures!
I went to the SkinStation branch at Festivall Mall for my treatment. The place is nice and clean and the attendants are all courteous and friendly -- a big plus for me since I get easily intimidated in spa or derma-like environments!

For the treatment I chose to get the CollaWhite Facial (P700) which was recommended by the attendant as their bestselling service. Here's the description from the website:
The NEW CollaWhite Facial gives you firmer, even toned, and smoother skin. This SkinStation exclusive has for its finale the infusion of CollaWhite Serum, a potent blend of natural actives designed to boost collagen production and lighten skin discolorations.
At first I wasn't sure about this because I'm not into whitening products, and with the football I definitely don't want something that requires me to stay indoors to avoid discoloration. Fortunately CollaWhite was all about rejuvenating the skin and evening the skin tone, so my worries were dispelled.

I was also surprised that their facials are done in private rooms, totally unlike the other places I've been before where facials are done side by side out in the open. At SkinStation the bed was comfortable, I was given a wrap to wear so I don't stain my top. Everything smelled nice and they even played relaxing ambient sounds like waves crashing on a beach, which helped me relax even more. In fact I fell asleep after getting the mask!

The CollaWhite starts with a soothing facial massage and several rounds of products applied on my face -- I'm sorry, I didn't ask because I was just too in to it! My attendant was very nice, asking all throughout if I was still comfortable while also offering skincare advice. She was even sweet when the extraction (that nasty bit where they remove blackheads and whiteheads) got a few tears from me -- that's what happens when your last facial was right before you had a baby!

One day after my facial. I'm wearing minimal make-up here, just some concealer and blush. She really got my blackheads out! And I feel like my skin looks refreshed and firmer than before. 

I had some credit leftover from my G.C. so I got SkinStation's UV Milk Nourishing Sunscreen SPF 55 (P320). I love this! The consistency is rather thin so it's easily spreadable and absorbed into the skin. There's not much scent too. It's great because I really can't stand goopy, thick, strong-smelling facial sunscreens. Plus SPF55 is way better than the current SPF30 I use. I think this is a product I'm going to be using more!

The verdict: A little pricier than the other places at which I've gotten facials, but worth it for the thoroughness of service, cleanliness of facilities and overall pleasant experience. I'm definitely coming back...maybe I'll be brave enough to try their laser hair removal (hmm while their promo is ongoing?) I know at my age I should put a bit more effort in my skin care aside from my normal skin care routine, so SkinStation seems like a good, professional place to get that extra effort done. :)

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